Tracy Hulberg

Director of Retirement Plan Services

Tracy was born and bred in the rolling plains of North Dakota and understands the true essence of hard work, having been raised on a farm where dedication and tenacity were daily prerequisites.

With a rich experience of almost two decades in retail banking, Tracy brings a deep-rooted knowledge of the industry's intricacies and nuances.

A keystone in her professional journey has been her relentless positivity. It's an attitude that has served both her and her clients exceptionally well over the years. Furthermore, Tracy firmly believes that the foundation of any successful client relationship is stellar service. It's not just about numbers and finance; it's about the people, their dreams, and how to achieve their dreams.

On the personal front, Tracy is happily married to Mathew, and together, along with their children, they have embraced the beauty and warmth of Kentucky as their home for over 15 years.