Roth Strategies

Aaron Ammerman |

Roth Strategies

Have you considered a Roth retirement account?  This article focuses on Roth accounts and outlines strategies to maximize benefits.


The 2020 annual budget deficit was the highest ever at $3.1 trillion.  In the years prior it has been much lower.  In 2015, it was $469 billion.  In 2016, it was $320 billion.  In 2017, it was $714 billion.  In 2018, it was $785 billion.  In 2019, it was $991 billion.

You may wonder how this money is being allocated.  72% of government spending has been allocated to mandatory programs and accompanying interest on the debt.

Social Security

While debt is increasing, there is one thing that is decreasing.  The Social Security trust fund is expected to deplete in 2034.  Americans can no longer depend completely on Social Security benefits.

Roth Accounts

Roth accounts can hedge tax risk by providing tax-free income in retirement. Another benefit is that there are no RMDs for the owner or the spousal beneficiary.


Roth IRA accounts have also surpassed traditional IRA accounts in growth.  While Roth accounts have higher growth, they only represent about 10% of all IRA assets.

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